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[New Resource] Discovering Your Planet: A Complete Guide to Earning A PhD in an Earth Science


For some, a love of our planet and a desire to understand how it works motivates them to pursue an advanced degree in the Earth Sciences. Others see the detrimental effects of climate change and are spurred to take action through research and education. 

To preserve our planet, explore the most pressing environmental issues of our day, and offer immediate and long-term research-based solutions, dedicated professionals with a deep knowledge of the earth sciences are needed. To address this need, SMU offers Ph.D.’s in both Geology and Geophysics, which aim to equip graduates with expertise in their specific area of interest.

To help prospective students understand and explore these doctoral degrees, we have developed a comprehensive digital resource — Discovering Your Planet: A Complete Guide to Earning a Ph.D. in an Earth Science. We hope this resource will answer your questions and assist you in your decision to pursue a doctoral degree in this field! Download our new digital resource to learn more about our a Ph.D. in an Earth  Science:"Discovering Your Planet: A Complete Guide to Earning a Ph.D. in an  Earth Science"!

With this resource, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover why you should consider earning a Ph.D. in an Earth Science
  • Explore the latest research in Earth Sciences
  • Hear from leading faculty at SMU and their research areas
  • Understand career paths available with a Ph.D. in an Earth Science.

SMU Earth Sciences Device MockupWe hope this guide will answer all of your questions about applying for and earning a Ph.D. in an Earth Science, as well as research opportunities and careers available in various specialties. If you would like more information we invite you to request more information or email us with your questions. You can also subscribe to our weekly graduate blog, Advancing the Field, for tips about applying for and succeeding in graduate school and stories from current students. We hope you find this resource helpful as you consider your next degree!

Check out our digital resource, Discovering Your Planet: A Complete Guide to Earning a Ph.D. in an Earth Science, today!Explore the Guide

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