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Meet the Man Who Models Proton Structures for the World: Dr. Pavel Nadolsky

December 6, 2018

Dr. Pavel Nadolsky is an Associate Professor in Theoretical Physics at Southern Methodist University (SMU). He is the co-spokesperson of the Coordinated Theoretical-Experimental project on Quantum Chromodynamics (QTEQ), ...

An Education in Creative Problem Solving: Transcending the Field of Physics

November 22, 2018

You’ve given hundreds of hours of total dedication to memorizing, researching, and studying the field of physics, all to earn a shiny new title at the end of your name — doctor. That degree is well worth your time and ...

Here's How SMU's Physics Department Is Opening Doors into STEM for the Next Generation

November 1, 2018

Special thanks to Dr. Olness who contributed insight and material for this piece. When was the last time you saw the laws of science demonstrated and explained to a classroom full of elementary students in a way that ...

From Space Centers to Particle Accelerators: James' Journey in SMU's Physics Ph.D. Program

October 25, 2018

Note: this interview was condensed and edited for clarity.  You may be interested in the field of physics or curious about graduate study in the sciences more generally. But sometimes, it's hard to find answers to your ...

Understanding the ATLAS Experiment: The World's Largest Research Effort

August 30, 2018

Physics is an exciting field with a wealth of groundbreaking research opportunities. What makes physics so exciting? It’s the study of the universe! It offers opportunities to discover the unknown and redefine the known ...

5 Careers to Pursue With Your Ph.D. in Physics

August 23, 2018

Often the first and sometimes only career that comes to mind when students consider pursuing their Ph.D. in Physics is a job in academia. Teaching at a college or university can be a noble and rewarding career – but ...