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Why Dallas is the Best Location for Sports Jobs

Aerial view of downtown Dallas

If you are interested in spending your days with something you’re truly passionate about and sports has always been part of your life, a career in sports is a major possibility for you. But how do you get started? Where should you start your search? 

Recently ranked the number one city for sports business, Dallas proves that some things are bigger in Texas—including opportunities in sports. This isn't just about Dallas being the heartland for renowned teams like the Cowboys and Rangers; it's about the city's thriving sports job scene, a landscape ripe with opportunities for those who want to make their dream a reality. 

Start your search for a career in sports in Dallas to quickly discover the value of joining this competitive sports network. Plus, find out how to gain a competitive edge before leveling up in the sports industry.   

The Dallas Sports Scene

There's more to Dallas than meets the eye—the vibrant city is a hub for sports culture. Most notably home to the Dallas Cowboys (NFL), the Mavericks (NBA), and the Texas Rangers (MLB), the city has a variety of sports teams across different leagues and related industries. 

The Dallas Stars (NHL), FC Dallas (MLS), and Dallas Wings (WNBA) also call Dallas home. The city even hosts events like the Super Bowl, NCAA Final Four, AT&T Byron Nelson golf tournament, the Cotton Bowl Classic, the soccer World Cup, and the PGA Championship. 

From game day operations to sports marketing and player development to sports journalism, the diversity of professional sports teams in Dallas creates an expansive list of job opportunities. This variety offers a unique advantage. Regardless of your specialization in the sports industry, you are bound to find a niche here, making Dallas a perfect hub for sports enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Your Path to a Job in Sport Management–Pursue a Master’s in Sport Management

World-Class Sport Venues and Industry Connections 

Consider what makes a sports city truly world-class. Besides the teams, it's the venues and the visionaries behind them. 

Dallas is home to state-of-the-art sports venues like the towering AT&T Stadium and the American Airlines Center. These venues are more than just game hosts; they are catalysts for job creation, offering a range of roles spanning event management, operations, player relations, and more.

On top of the venues in Dallas, a staggering list of 64 Dallas brands have at least four sports sponsorships, a naming rights deal, and/or a major league jersey patch deal continually supporting the city's sports industry. This substantial corporate partnership list makes the Dallas sports scene even more stable and offers a range of opportunities for your career. 

The SportBusiness Journal cited one business’ choice to relocate to Dallas was due to: “1) a significant number of major events including owner and league meetings; 2) exceptional talent pool at a more affordable cost; 3) business-friendly state; 4) quality of life for our team (most can afford to buy homes here); 5) geographically central with a big airport.” 

The Dallas sports scene is not only about the love of the game but also about a vision for how the sports industry can and should look. The future of sports is in Dallas, and the groundwork has already been laid. 

Cost of Living Advantage in Dallas

The cost of living is perhaps one of the most critical considerations when choosing a city to start or grow your career. While metropolitan giants like New York or Miami may entice you with their high-profile sports jobs, it's crucial to remember the flip side. High living costs could significantly affect your earnings and savings. 

This is where Dallas gains an edge. The city offers a cost-effective yet high-quality lifestyle. Dallas boasts lower housing costs, more affordable essentials, and generally more manageable living costs, making your paycheck stretch further. This economic opportunity means you can focus on what truly matters—your personal enjoyment and successful career in the sports industry.

Thriving Job Scene in Dallas

The city's robust job market, strengthened by a diverse economy and consistent growth, creates a secure environment for sports professionals. The city’s unemployment rate consistently stands lower than the national average—a testament to its thriving job scene.

Dallas’ geographic position makes it a commercial hub, attracting businesses from various sectors. This diversity translates to more opportunities, security, and exciting cross-industry collaborations for those pursuing sports careers. A thriving city economy can benefit the sports industry, providing stability and opportunities to scale new heights.

Dallas is on track to be the third most populated metro area in the US by 2033. In the next five years, the Dallas-Fort Worth region is set to be the only U.S. area with two cities, each having over a million people. Why? The simple reason is that people and businesses see a chance to make money, find opportunities, and grow there—including sports business heavyweights. 

Plug-In to Dallas with SMU's Sport Management Program

The Master of Science in Sport Management from SMU is designed to shape the sports industry leaders of tomorrow.

SMU's Sport Management program delivers academic strength blended with practical learning opportunities. Through industry partnerships, internship openings, and a curriculum tailored to modern sports industry needs, our program prepares you to navigate and excel in Dallas' sports business market.

Choosing a city to grow your sports career is a crucial decision, one that can shape the trajectory of your professional journey. Dallas, with its dynamic sports culture, world-class venues, cost-efficient living, and a thriving employment scene, is a compelling choice. 

If you want to get in on the Dallas sports scene, the time is now. But don’t chase your dream without being fully prepared. Equipped with an MS in Sport Management from SMU, you can navigate the competitive and complex Dallas sports market with confidence. 

Learn more about an MSSM from SMU with our downloadable and comprehensive guide: 
Your Path to a Job in Sport Management–Pursue a Master’s in Sport Management

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