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Moody Graduate School Interview: Rachel Ball-Phillips, Ph.D. — Director of Graduate Fellowships and Awards

July 18, 2022

Being awarded a research fellowship is a key way to fund your graduate school research, while also giving your research prestige and credibility. This extra stamp of approval on your research can be especially helpful ...

How to Become an Assistant Professor: My Experience Finding a Job in Academia

May 28, 2022

One of the great benefits of earning a doctoral degree is the range of academic positions a PhD can prepare you to pursue. If you want a career in academia, jobs range from the obvious, like a university professor or ...

How to Pay for a PhD: Fellowships for Graduate Students, Research Funding, and More

February 1, 2021

If you've ever considered earning a doctorate, one of the questions you've undoubtedly asked yourself is "how will I pay for a Ph.D.?"  The good news is, most doctoral students receive fellowships and research funding ...

Beyond the Tenure-Track But Still In the Heart of Academia

May 21, 2020

As a student who is entering or completing a Ph.D. program, you're probably thinking about the kinds of careers you can begin after graduating with your doctorate. Some will choose to enter the professoriate, teaching ...

How to Work on Your Dissertation from Home (And Actually Be Productive)

May 14, 2020

Graduate school can be isolating at times and the dissertation phase can be especially challenging. But for many, this pandemic has taken that experience to a new level.

Making the Transition from Student to Teacher During Your Graduate Studies

January 30, 2020

Much of the advice we share about selecting a good Ph.D. program centers around your relationships with faculty and your research opportunities. However, a significant part of the doctoral student experience is ...

How Do You Get a Ph.D.? A Guide to the Ph.D. Timeline

August 22, 2019

Everyone who considers a doctoral degree knows a Ph.D. is a big commitment.  Not only will it require all your mental energy, focus, and persistence, but it will also require a significant investment of your time. Your ...